Staub - Grill with silicone handle 24 x 24 cm 1202123

SKU 1202123

For centuries, cooks have taken advantage of the natural heat retention and redistribution properties of cast iron. Staub builds on this tradition with our enameled cast iron cookware. Black matte enamel inside and cooking surface creates a culinary advantage for better browning and grilling. Folding handle has a heat resistant silicone grip. Safe for use on all types of heat sources, including gas, electric, and induction, and oven safe up to 500F. Chip resistant and dishwasher safe. Made in France. This product may have minor visual imperfections, though this will not affect the product's performance. This may include discoloration, blemishes, or chips that have been enameled over.

Collapsible handle can be folded for easy storing or removed for oven use Silicone and stainless steel handle is lighter than cast iron for easy maneuvering Pour spouts facilitate pouring off fats and oils Deep ridges impart perfect grill marks and help drain excess fat from meat Textured black matte enamel interior ensures exceptional browning Enameled cast iron is easy to clean and doesn't require seasoning Durable cast iron construction boasts incredible heat retention and distribution Transitions from oven to table beautifully Suitable for all cooktops including induction Dishwasher safe Oven safe up to 400F; 500F without handle Made in France


  •  Substance: Cast iron
  • Induction: Yes
  • Oven-safe: Yes
  • Stovetop-safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe: Yes


  • Net weight: 4.49lbs
  • Length of product: 9.65in
  • Width of product: 9.96in
  • Height of product: 1.34in
  • Bottom thickness: 0.16in
  • Upper diameter: 9.45in
  • Upper diameter 2: 0.94in
  • Bottom diameter: 8.27in
  • Bottom diameter 2: 8.27in