Alfa Forni Pizza Moderno Portable COLORES DISPONIBLES

por AlfaForni
Portable is the most compact pizza oven in the Moderno line and only weighs 77 lbs. It can be assembled quickly and intuitively and is immediately ready for use. In 30 minutes it reaches up to 932°F allowing you to cook a real Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds wherever you want.

Lightness Only weighs 77 lbs
Maximum performance Reaches up to 932°F
Cooking speed Cook 1 pizza in 90 seconds
HeatGenius™ Technology Even higher performance

HeatKeeper™ Refractory Brick that absorbs and store heat much better than lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens
DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® Insulation, the ceramic fibre that offers twice as much heat resistance as the rock wool usually used in home pizza ovens preventing the side surfaces from overheating and which enables to consistently churn out well cooked pizzas with only 1 lb (0.50 kg) of fuel per hour.
Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System® that optimizes the circulation of hot air inside the cooking chamber allowing the oven consistently maintains the right temperature, thus enabling to cook both the base and the pizza sauces optimally
Forninox™ steel cooking chamber
OptiDome semi-sphere design
Shell with double layer powder coating
“Ready Already” Technology
Sidefire Gas Burner